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Preston Wildcats SC Enamel Badge
Plymouth Command FC
St Blazey AFC Enamel Badge
_ We can provide a tailor-made package for any club or society (sporting or otherwise), right through from the initial design to the finished product being delivered to your door - and all at one ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE - there are no irritating extra costs.

Generally speaking, we only use traditional hard enamel (or cloisonné) for our badges and promotional items as this is by far the most long lasting and hard wearing finish. When we say hard enamel, we mean hard enamel, not synthetics, acrylics or other cheaper substitutes. We can though provide other cheaper types if required where cost is an important element, this is especially suited to Charities and Fundraisers.

We don't put a price list on the site simply because we tailor each package INDIVIDUALLY and know that everyone's perfect solution isn't necessarily the same.
What we can assure you though is that you will get individual attention, a fast and friendly service and a price that will be music to your (or your club treasurer's) ears! So contact us today for an instant quote by phone/e-mail - written quotes and samples are available on request.

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